Cloud Busting Body

Do you want to feel good again about yourself, about your weight?
Do you want to reach and maintain your ideal weight easily, healthily?
Do you want to regain control over your eating behavior, so that food has no control over you? 


Do you understand why you end up in the annoying yo-yo pattern every time?


Do you want to finally get rid of those 3 different sizes of clothing in your wardrobe?


Is losing weight pretty easy, but gaining it back is actually going 3 times faster?


Do you want to feel good about your body again, feel healthy (er) again?


Do you want to feel good about your body again, feel healthy (er) again?


Do you want to be able to trust that you will get rid of dieting once and for all?

There is nothing more subject to underlying (obstructing) thoughts and beliefs in yourself as your own eating habits. The eating pattern that has given you the body that you have right now. And – if this is not the body you want – unfortunately it will continue to bring you back to that body, even if you had lost the right amount of weight during previous diets.

With the Cloud Busting Body Program we are going to install an eating pattern that works for you. That gives you a Body that you are proud of. And we do this by breaking through the old obstructing thoughts and beliefs that now feed your current eating pattern (pun intended ;).

First of all, we will discover what causes those thoughts, those beliefs that make you follow that yo-yo pattern all the time. Then you will discover which thoughts and beliefs will work for you so much better. Allowing you to make choices for foods that are good for you, choosing an eating pattern that works for you. Choices for which you do not have to find motivation for, but for which motivation finds you when you wake up.


To stop emotional eating 

What happened during regression was very special. Reviewing the events from my youth, feeling the emotions, and understanding the meaning that I’ve given to it as a kid was so crystal clear that it immediately had an effect on me. It exceeded my expectations (I had an earlier experience with RTT which was good, but this session was better!). I constantly felt understood and supported. The encouraging and warm reassurances felt really good. Also the deeper digging into my feelings were super effective. I’ll be listening the next coming weeks to my recording and fully expect that my problem is solved!

Update after three weeks: It has been three weeks since my hypnotherapy session with Els and the result is only positive. The deep insight into the cause of my emotional eating behavior has allowed me to nip that exact behavior in the bud. Listening to the recording supports that by reminding me every day how I established the pattern myself and thus have the power to reverse it myself. I feel strong, proud and free. And a couple of kilo’s lighter as the cherry on the cake! Thank you Els, I definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking to break limiting patterns, behaviors or beliefs. 

Nina, Amsterdam

Do you recognize this?

There is a new diet on the market, and you join the bandwagon: full of enthusiasm. And as it turns out, it works! The pounds are flying off: this has to be celebrated .. And then, oh oh, back to the old weight. And if you are unlucky, even heavier!

That is no longer necessary! You can really enjoy life, and eating is just a beautiful part of that enjoyment. How come food started to play such an important role in your life? What role did food (and the accompanying body as a result) play in your life? Those are the questions you ask yourself. Good questions, but a much better question is:

Which beliefs are ‘feeding’ my eating habits?

Why is it that after every successful diet, I fall back into my old (and obstructing) eating pattern, which takes me right back to my old size?

If you want an answer to this, and especially if you want to break through this, then the Cloud Busting Body workshop or the Cloud Busting Body 28-day program is for you.

Here you learn where those thoughts came from. Here you learn how to break those old limiting beliefs that let to your current eating patterns.. And here you learn how you can install healthy eating patterns in yourself.


Who am I

I laughed out loud when I first saw the Bridget Jones movie: where Bridget started every day  with writing her weight in her diary … Do you do that too? Are you one of those? I am! Maybe not every day, but I have a booklet in my bathroom in which I’ve noted down all my measured weights from the last 10 years.

Fortunately I did not do this daily (because it is not a good start to the day), but I certainly did it often. And of course especially when I was busy getting rid of that terrible size 46 (3XL) again .. I really saw that as the ticket to the “large size store”. If I had that size, I actually had to go shopping there, and I couldn’t go any longer to the stores I actually liked (from Zara to Claudia Strater). They stop at 44 (XXL) …


As a true yo-yo person, I have been anywhere between size 46 (3XL) and 40 (L) and back. I am one of those who likes to treat one selves (see the blog below). And yes, what do people like me do when we reach your goal? Yep, we celebrate this by treating ourselves. At least that is what I did, and you already guessed where I ended up with that kind of action.

Although I would never admitted it back then, I really suffered from this. I actually didn’t want to see photos of myself, and when I did see them, I was really shocked: “who’s that fatty in the photo? ” Well, that always turned out to be me .. I tried many diets. And some really had a good effect. But never, never did I feel that I would never have to diet again. And that was true, because I always went back to size 46 (3XL).

Until I discovered that it wasn’t the diet, it was me. Or better yet, my underlying obstructing belief that I always deserve a nice treat. only then I finally understood that it was not about the diet, the food, the eating pattern, but about what happened between my ears that fed that eating pattern (pun intended ;). If you don’t tackle that, nothing will change at all .. And boy, that was a nice discovery. Because after I first started working on those underlying beliefs, folllowed by installing an eating pattern that made me feel great, a real transformation took place within me. A transformation that was permanent. That has made me donate my entire wardrobe with all sizes 40-42-44-46 (L-XL-XXL-3XL) without hesitation. Size 40 (L) as well, are you saying? Yes, size 40 (L) too! I now wear size 38 (M!), something that has not occurred this century. The last time I was wearing trousers size 38 (M!), I was 28 (and that is now almost 25 years ago). And I wish this for you too. That is why I have translated my own experience into an approach that you can also benefit from.

And oh yes, what do I think about the photos now? Well… to celebrate, I had a lovely photo shoot made. Something I really didn’t dare to think about a year ago! And those photos are now scattered everywhere on this website.


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