Cloud Busting Manager

Do you want to shine like before? Do you want to have just as much success (or more!) in everything you tackle, as before? Do you want to continue, full of confidence and with success, because now you know what you should no longer do?


Have you lost faith in yourself?


Do you understand why you are no longer progressing in your career?


Do you seem to be stuck?


Are you not able (anymore) to take steps in your career?


Are you no longer promoted autmatically and regularly?


Have you now also lost faith in your talents?


Are you unable to progress further in your career?


Do you feel like you’ve stumbled in your career?


Do you want to continue growing successfully in your career?


Do you want to feel again that it matters to you that everything you pick up will have an impact?


Do you want to trust your old success formula again? Your strength? Your unique power?

The Solution

With the Cloud Busting Managers program you will discover what is holding you back, what was previously limiting you, and especially what is now hindering you to move on. And at the same time, you will discover what really appeals to you. So that you can make choices that you automatically get excited about. Choices for which you do not have to look for motivation, but for which motivation finds you when you wake up. Like you used to, but better! And to top it off, to give you a fantastic start in the new life where you now stand confidently, you will be provided with additional tools and structure that will make you, as a successful manager and leader, stand stronger, feel stronger, move stronger. Because now, you are ready for it!


What others say about my manager skill sets

Liz Smith
To this day if I’m faced with a tricky management situation, I ask myself ‘What would Els do?’.

Karen Farrington
Like no other manager in my career, Els can form a team that is absolutely complementary in skills.

Lydia Tacx
Working for Els (or rather, working with Els) was a party.

For whom?

(the succesful manager with ambition)


Do you recognize this?

You have been successful in your career right from the start. You have been steadily climbing the ladder in the company where you work. You have been constantly asked for a new job, a new project, a new (major) challenge. Until … you were asked for that job / project / challenge that was doomed to fail. Which resulted in either a break-down or burn-out, or worse, both. Right after your break down, through good support from your company, your GP, family and friends, you came fairly quickly back to work. But then, then it really starts: How do you feel? Do you act and react in the same matter as before? Can you really just easily continue at the exact same  point where you left it, or…?

Do you notice that you were…

  • previously always asked for promotions, but are you being skipped now?
  • unhappy, because success seemed to be almost automatic in the past, but now it hardly ever happens again?
  • difficult to get excited about fun projects at work?
  • looking for new jobs, but nothing really appeals because the jobs are either
    • too low in salary or
    • You’ve been asked actually NOT to apply as they feel that this wasn’t the right job for you.
  • starting to doubt yourself and your knowledge?
  • believing that all the success you had in the past, were just mere coincidences, nothing to do with your skills at all?
  • stunned that you no longer recognize yourself and your own reactions?
    • for instance you started to avoid confrontations
    • or you start to doubt the attainability of every goal

If you can whole heartedly answer “yes” to one or more of the points above, then it is time to take  action. Sign up for the Cloud Busting Manager Course, so you can take back that confidence that let you to your successes earlier. And in fact, you can become even more successful than before: cause now it will be on your terms!

Are you that successful manager who has had this break down of her/his career? Hired for a project that was just doomed to fail? Or accepted a job that actually was impossible to succeed in? Or had a massive burnout,  by -just simply- having too much on your plate?

Whatever the reason, you now feel very strongly that you are simply not in the right place. Nothing goes as well as it used to be, your (previously sharp and accurate) intuition fails repeatedly. There are successes in your current job, but only in spite of it, and they certainly do not come on automatically. In short, you are no longer the successful manager that you have always been.

Solution? You are probably looking around you for a new position, a new job, a new working environment. So, you start to apply for the jobs. Unsuccessfully. Cause, this is done from a negative mindset: “Why is it not possible for meto find a job that makes me just as enthusiastic as before?. And even if I look within the company where I have been so successful before, even there I find that the doors to bigger and better jobs seem to be locked for me.”

During this whole situation, you also see and experience a lot of irritation from your environment: you feel some sort of jealousy for colleagues who easily move on within the company. Those colleagues who react like you used to. Always respond with “yes, we’re going to do this”, instead of the answer that you seem to constantly have on your lips: “well, I don’t know if that will work”. You no longer respond at home as you are used to. It seems as if you have lost your resilience. Monday is no longer a good start of the week, but rather feels like a punishment. So you keep on browsing the internet, somewhere there must be a bettter job for me?

You are no longer happy in life, you also radiate that frustrated feeling. People respond to you the same way. You also let in negative comments (which you now hear more and more often). Previously you could easily step over it, if you actually heard it at all… Now this kind of comment pulls you down.

You are no longer motivated, and you mainly feel that on Monday morning. You are not happy with your work, and your colleagues notice that. As a result, you no longer have the opportunity to do project cherries, but you get the “leftovers,” that’s how it feels. You feel as if you are completely stuck in your golden cage, and was that success from before that really your success? Or was that a coincidence? You begin to doubt yourself enormously. Are you worth it? Should you not accept that this is how life is going to be from now on? Perhaps a step down in your career, to a position where you used to be happy, should you go there and feel happy again after such a demotion?

Who am I (as the successful manager)

I have personally experienced that suddenly, in the middle of a successful career, you can stumble hard. Accept the wrong promotion, go the wrong way. Pick up the wrong project. Thinking you can handle everything, you turned everything into a success. And then it happened: not this time! No success now. Now no promotion. In fact, now suddenly sick at home, or under so much stress, that sick leave equals a solution.

For me it came as a thunder at a blue sky – despite the fact that in hindsight it had taken me 18 months to come to the conclusion that I was at the wrong job.

I had blindly and confidently accepted my next job within the company where I had successfully climbed the career ladder for 12 years. A job that would take me outside of my comfort zone, and therefore give me a lot of opportunity to grow even further. However, I was completely wrong. The department where I came was in a huge struggle with the head office, a struggle that I didn’t agree with. And so I was automatically on the “wrong side” of that fight. Try to keep up under such stress and pressure, was a step too far. I felt alone, let down, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find the connection with my boss and colleagues in the department at all. And instead of telling the head office that I needed help, I kept stubbornly thinking that I could handle it on my own. That I was going to make this job a success too. At any cost.

And it costed something all right! My health in the end. By continuing to struggle on my own, I ended up with a massive burn-out. Fortunately with a lot of help from the company, from my immediate family and friends and from the general practitioner and company doctor, I recovered very well in the end.

Very well? Well, I thought so then. Until I noticed that I really had changed. Where I used to go to work with a lot of pleasure, now it was no longer so. Where I used to take on new challenges without hesitation, I was now reluctant and would rather avoid them. Where I used to answer all questions “Could we reach this challenge target?” with the sentence “Certainly that is possible, and then we can also do X, Y and Z” , I now answered that same question with the sentence “well, I just don’t know that yet”. In other words: I had really changed. I’d lost my “let’s try it, you never know attitude.. And the strange thing was, my environment had changed too. They treated me as “fragile”, were careful around me, did not challenge me, were afraid to show me a mirror.

I did think then, I don’t want this, I’m going to look for another job within the company. And then the real eye-opener came: everywhere in the company where I tried to go a step up, I was told the same thing “I don’t think this step is possible for you”. A hugely different answer then what I was used to, from before the burn-out.

And that put me into action: if not within the company, then just outside! I started to apply enthusiastically. And the first job I applied for, was immediately successful: I became the director of a non-for- profit organization.

What I didn’t know then, is that you can easily leave a company but you still take with you the most important factor: and that is yourself. And since I hadn’t tackled my underlying loss of self-confidence at all, I bumped into exactly the same problem: where I used to take on new challenges with pleasure, I now preferred to avoid them. Not exactly a good feature for a director of a non-profit institution. And without realizing I had a problem, I quickly made the decision that this was not my environment and I left. Again the application route, and despite being 50 plus, I effortlessly rolled into the following job: a director role at the municipality of Amsterdam. Super cool position, in the city of my dreams.

However, and you guessed it … again I had just taken myself along, without first tackling the underlying issues. With the same result: here too I said goodbye after about 6 months. Fortunately I realized then that this could not go on for longer. To provide myself with an income, I have taken on interim work, but in the meantime I have been working very hard on myself.

I talked to my GP, with friends, browsed the internet, search with google, but nothing turned out to be in line with my request for help: how can you regain your self-confidence as a (previously successful!) Manager, so that you can continue as you used to be? Many (self-help) courses and books further I came to the conclusion that nothing really could give me the solution. Until I ended up through Rapid Transformational Therapy via a friend.

And that turned out to be real solution: don’t start yet with “find your self-confidence” or “find your passion”, but first identify the underlying cause of “how did I end up here?” And then “how do I get out of this?” And yes, once you get there, if you know that a wrong belief about yourself has brought you to where you are now, you can turn that so nicely into a belief about yourself that you are going to take where you want to go!

The freedom I felt from that moment on cannot be described in words. The wings that I now feel beneath me are so much larger and more powerful than the wings I have ever had during my previous successful career. The power I feel in me is stronger than ever before, it brings me the life I want, where I belong, under the conditions I set. And how is that possible? Well, very simple, now I am prepared for it! I don’t accept jobs or projects like before (so I don’t end up somewhere where somebody else wants me to be) but I consciously choose my own destination. My self-confidence takes me wherever I want to go. My potential is growing day by day, and the faster I grow, the further I reach, the better I feel. I’m back!


What I’ve learned in this process, I want to pass o! It has become my mission. I often see that once a successful manager has stumbled in their career, they are left to their own devices. Not immediately, first you are really well helped to get out of the burn-out, but then … Then you are suddenly stuck. It will surprise you that this is due to your own behavior, your own beliefs, your own resistance. The people around you feel this and respond to this, consciously or subconsciously. As a result, the career path that used to be open for you, has now firmly closed down for you.


Fortunately, there is a solution: one that will take you beyond your wildest dreams.

With the Cloud Busting Managers program you will discover what is holding you back, what was previously limiting you, and especially what is now hindering you to move on. And at the same time, you will discover what really appeals to you. So that you can make choices that you automatically get excited about. Choices for which you do not have to look for motivation, but for which motivation finds you when you wake up. Like you used to, but better! And to top it off, to give you a fantastic start in the new life where you now stand confidently, you will be provided with additional tools and structure that will make you, as a successful manager and leader, stand stronger, feel stronger, move stronger. Because now, you are ready for it!


Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapeut
Certified Rapid Transformational Therapeut
Clinical Hypnotherapeut
Certified Hypnotherapeut
Member of CPD Rapid Transformational Therapy
Member of CAT: Dutch association for alternative therapists
Member of GAT: Dutch arbitration association for alternative therapists

Cloud Busting Manager Program is a unique program that combines therapy, coaching and training to prepare you for (re) launching your carrier after you stumble.

A more successful career than before, because this time happens under your condition so that you are really ready for it now!

This program is designed to create the best springboard for you from which you can continue the rest of your career. How are we going to do that?

Well, we start from the beginning: the cause of the stumble in the career. This is always somewhere in you. And that is super good news, because if it is in you, then you can do something about it. Then you can get started with it !. This is the first insight. The second insight is, this is due to an old obstructing belief that you have gained somewhere in your youth. This belief has now given you the belief that if you stumble into your job, you will no longer be able to feather. And whatever the good news is, you can break this belief. Really break through, not theoretically, but emotionally, from within. And with that breakthrough you know right away that you will never again end up in the same situation. You will leave that behind you forever from now on. You also get extra insights: which work environment really suits me best? Where is my passion really? How do I ensure that I also end up where I want to be? And last but not least, it is always nice for your self-esteem and self-confidence if you get a few extra tools and beliefs that sharpen your leadership skills a little, so that you get ready for the job that suits you!

There are 3 versions of the Cloud Busting Manager program:

VIP Program: Setting yourself up for Success - fast!

Now available

A unique program that mixes 1: 1 coaching and therapy where we go deep to let the best manager in you come to the surface. So that from now on you decide for yourself where you work, with whom you work, and how you work: because now you are really ready for it!

The investment:

The price is €434 for the program (incl. VAT). It is a one-time investment in yourself that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Gold Program

Soon available

Combination of workshop and online lessons to give you the career boost you want: because now you are really ready.

Freedom Program

Soon available

Online lessons for self-study that will help you shape the career that you want to start, under your conditions. Because now you are really ready.


What others have to say about my management skills

Liz Smith: On a cold day in early Spring I walked into a meeting room full of strangers. It was my first trip to Amsterdam for my new job and I wasn’t sure what to expect of my colleagues. But I was welcomed with a warm smile and friendly handshake by a woman who introduced herself as Els and immediately drew me into the group. It took about 5 minutes for me to feel like I had always worked there.

That is Els in a nutshell. Yes she knows all about the practicalities of management, and she puts them to excellent use. But her ability to empathize with and include her colleagues is what makes her stand out. She welcomes diverse opinions, actively looks for constructive criticism and takes her own and others’ development seriously.

During my time working with Els, I benefited from her wise advice, humor and warmth more than once. And to this day if I’m faced with a tricky management situation, I ask myself ‘What would Els do?’.

Karen Farrington: I was 27 when Els asked me to work on a high profile project within the company. The deadlines were set, the targets ambitious and in this “pressure cooker” we, together with the rest of the team, did more than a year of beautiful, creative things and achieved a great project result. 7 years later the opportunity arose to work together again on a high profile project and I immediately signed for that. Working for Els is working with Els. Like no other manager in my career, Els can form a team that is absolutely complementary in skills. She knows how to be a leader in heart and soul and to commit a team to a shared vision. Her management style is characterized by “credit where credit is due” and confidence to be able to express a critical note about a proposed direction at all times – “Speak your mind”. She listens, weighs, judges, consults again and makes a well-considered rational decision that we – as a team – wanted to commit ourselves to, even if we did not agree. That is leadership, pur sang.

Lydia Tacx: Working for Els (or rather, working with Els) was a party. Els trusted the colleagues she worked with. She had the ability to build a team of specialists, giving them the freedom to do their job according to their own insights. Her optimism was contagious. She was clear in what she expected. Invitations to meetings without a conclusive explanation as to why you wanted her time received zero response. Arriving on time was the norm. Meetings ended 5 minutes before the hour, so you had enough time to go to the next appointment. Her analytical skills were (are) great. That combined with the ability to think in terms of solutions made that we achieved a great deal with a small team.

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