Eliminate high staff turnover

High staff turnover: coaching and therapy for your managers

You want to retain good staff and do your best for them, but you still have a high turnover rate in your organization. And you notice that managers who have had a burnout no longer function as well as before. You don’t really want to replace them, but continuing this way is not a good option either. How do you get them to enjoy their work again? And how do you prevent a bad working atmosphere? Because you only need to have one negative person through whom negativity spreads like a virus through a team, department or organization.

Are there managers you want to keep? Through good guidance and space for personal development, you can bring back positivity, so that your staff can return to work with motivation. In this way you can also retain your good managers and create a pleasant working atmosphere.

Do you encounter this in your company or organization?

  • Your policy to keep your employees fails: there is a high turnover of employees among your managers, but you don’t know why.
  • It’s always your best people who leave.
  • You notice that there is unrest among your staff.
  • There is a negative atmosphere in the workplace.
  • You want better guidance for managers with burnout.
  • You want motivated managers, but you don’t know how.
  • You have said goodbye to a bad manager, but a lot of damage has been done, so that different teams don’t function well.
  • You want to give good support to good employees who are not confident enough about their own abilities.
  • You notice that your best manager is suffering from imposter syndrome, and you want to help her get rid of it.

Management training

Help with burnout, insecurity and high staff turnover

It cannot go on like this. You want to stop that high staff turnover and you want to keep the right people in your organization. It is therefore important that they feel comfortable and have confidence in themselves and in the future. And that is not only relevant for themselves, but also for you as an employer. Because a satisfied employee has so much more to offer. But when negativity and uncertainty prevail, you can do whatever you want, but you achieve little.

Management coach

Hi, I am Els, and I help your employees towards success.

I have been a manager and director for many years. Now I am a therapist and coach and I help managers to get the most out of themselves.

Due to stress, burnout or insecurity at work, your managers can develop negative behaviour patterns without even realizing it. And it is very difficult to let go of those patterns. The result: a negative spiral that is not conducive to the situation.

Because of my experience as a manager, I know how things can the workplace functions. I understand better than most how frustrating it is if your staff are negative or if absenteeism and staff turnover among your managers is high. I have also experienced what it is like to be on the other side: a burnout myself, no more self-confidence and no more fun at work. A different job seemed like a good solution, but it turned out that the problem was not the work, it was me. And that is the case with almost everyone.

Because of my personal experiences, and my experience in setting up new teams and in guiding managers, I understand exactly what you and your employees need. I now include all this knowledge and experience in my work as a therapist and coach.

“During my time working with Els, I benefited from her wise advice, humor and warmth more than once. To this day if I’m faced with a tricky management situation, I ask myself: ‘What would Els do?’”

Liz Smith

High staff turnover: retaining good staff through personal guidance

Do you want your staff to go forward with confidence? Then choose my program ‘Success creates success‘. With this I help your managers individually to regain confidence in themselves. In my program they discover exactly where their self-limiting thoughts and beliefs come from. We replace them with positive patterns and that is extremely valuable. The negativity disappears. Your managers enjoy what they do, they know where they want to work and they want to breathe new life into their careers. This sense of success spreads to your other employees, because successful managers ensure successful teams and therefore also a successful organization.

 These are the benefits the course delivers:

  • You have a positive atmosphere in the workplace again.
  • Your managers are motivated and enjoy their work again.
  • Your managers recover better after a burnout.
  • You are more successful in retaining good managers.
  • You see your good managers are setting a good example for employees.
  • Your managers go the extra mile, which takes their work and the organization further.
  • Your managers function optimally and have a lot of energy
  • Your managers are in the right place and make optimal use of their talents and skills.
  • You see that it is the successful managers who guide their teams very well and encourage them to achieve the best results.
  • You notice that successful managers ensure a successful organization.

How does the program work?

With my program Success creates success your managers receive 1-on-1 guidance. And this is not standard guidance. We dive deep into the core of the problems they are experiencing. We do this with Rapid Transformation Therapy© (RTT)  and Magnetic Mind ® coaching. This individual program lasts 6 months and is completely tailored to what your employees need.

We start with RTT. This gives fast results because it gives access to the subconscious mind. We do this through hypnotherapy. By doing this, we find out what self-limiting though patterns your managers have and when they arose. What makes them insecure? Or that they feel that they are not in the right place? With RTT this is much easier and faster than with talk therapy. We achieve in weeks  what you need months or even years for in talk therapy.

After the RTT session we go a few steps further. Your managers receive 5 months of Magnetic Mind coaching to go deeper into their work as a manager. We dive into their professional development so that they discover their full potential. They learn to be real leaders, feel confident and like to take on new challenges.

The results of RTT and coaching

Thanks to RTT, your managers will quickly see a huge improvement in a short time. They will not longer be held back by limiting thoughts. We will have replaced these thoughts with positive patterns. This gives them confidence again. It is as if the brain has been reprogrammed for success. The consequence? Your managers will bubble with energy and will see possibilities instead of obstacles. They won’t shy away from a challenge, they will experience clarity and dare to take the initiative again. They are no longer afraid of failure but are confident now that they have left their old struggles behind.

Is this really possible within four weeks? Yes. After the first session they will already feel as if a burden has fallen from their shoulders. We make an audio recording of the session and they listen to it repeatedly for at least three weeks, which makes the new pattern even stronger. Then I have two more conversations with them to go deeper into the session and its effects. In this way we make the new pattern a regular part of their lives and they are ready for success. The five months of Magnetic Mind coaching they receive after that gives them an extra boost. They learn new skills and prepare themselves for a successful career full of confidence. 

“I immediately felt at ease with Els and had a feeling of ‘coming home’ with her. Her positive approach and energy, her persuasion and the confidence she had in the whole process also gave me confidence.”


When should you choose ‘Success creates success’?

High staff turnover among managers 

Why are so many good managers leaving? Apparently there is something going on that leads to a high turnover of personnel. It is often difficult to get to grips with the cause yourself. It may be due to the working atmosphere, but sometimes it is also in the people themselves. They feel that they are out of place or are insecure, but have difficulty explaining why. In both cases my program provides clarity. Your staff is more positive in life and has more fun in the workplace.

Coaching en therapy after a burnout

After a burnout, finally back to work. In the beginning it often seems as if everything is going well. Yet people rarely get back to normal after a burnout. The motivated, ambitious and energetic manager of that time has not returned to full strength.

Does your manager mainly see problems and objections instead of possibilities, when no challenge used to be too great? Are you wondering if you should let them go, however unfortunate that will be?

With my program we make the switch to positivity in a short time. Your manager will regain their old confidence, feel good, have energy again and will be ready for a new start.

Successful managers for a succesful organization 

The 6 month 1-on-1-program

Success creates success

1 month Rapid Transformational Therapy
5 months Magnetic Mind coaching
In six months time, we will turn your managerial staff into great managers with confidence. You will be able to use their full potential, so your organization becomes even more successful.
Normal price €2997 + €497 = € 3494, now in combination:

€2997 total

Excluding VAT

Get the most out of your management staff

Give your managers the best. Contact us for possibilities for therapy and coaching. 

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