Connection in times of Corona

Are you ate home right now? Working?

Or twiddling your thumbs because there is no work?

This is a real shock to the system, my system!


In one swoop, our lives are changed.. where will it bring us?

“I think I’ll be allright, but I am sick with worry for my loved ones!”


“So much so, I can’t seem to focus on any of my tasks.. !”



Check out the “Connection in times of Corona” audio on this page => it is free and it is for you who want to (re-)claim your calm and strengthen your connections.


So what happens next?

“I feel pretty shaken by this whole ordeal” is a much heard comment. And eventhough we can heaar each other well on just a short distance of 1,5 meter, this doesn’t feel ‘normal’, for the obvious reasons.. 

This is a shock to our system, and it will be a while before we are actually ‘through it’. This requires much of our adaptation skills. Being optimistic helps, but it is not the full answer. 

“I could do with a bit of extra help from you, Els, is there anything you can offer me?” asked a previous client.

Well, first and foremost, there are 2 important things that will help with any crisis:

stay calm, cause fear is the worst advisor you can have

– and seek connection with eachother, cause together we are strong! 

And I’ve got just the right thing here that is going to help you to achieve exactly that: an audio that is going to help you to (re)gain calmness and (re)connect deeper with the people around you.

And that is how you can cope with any crisis, including this one!

✔️ Do you want to (re)claim your calm?

✔️ And fully enjoy the connection you have with the people around you?

Then listen to this wonderful connection-enhancing audio, for free!

And do you want to receive it as an MP3 file in your inbox?

Mail me and I will send it to you:

“Know that there is always a solution the moment you start to understand why you do certain things in your life. I am very grateful to you Els for helping me. “


“Els was very involved from the first moment we were on the phone, lots of compassion, understanding, humor, availability, people knowledge, life experience, real listening, authentic, and very reliable and professional. I notice that Els really wants to help you, that that is her drive, to help you learn to live a more beautiful and relaxed life.”


“Els’ expertise, flexibility, depth and warmth gave me exactly what I needed to break through the blockage (thinking in shortages) deep in my subconscious mind so that a transition could take place towards trust and growth (belief in abundance).”


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