Are you stuck, and you don’t know how to solve it?

Therapy in your own living room

Are you stuck, and you don’t know how to solve it?

Therapy in your own living room

Get back in control of your life with Rapid Transformational Therapy

You’ve done well as a manager. You have climbed considerably in recent years, you lead a team and it seems as if you have arrived. You are successful. But it doesn’t feel that way to you. The next step in your career just doesn’t happen. You used to be a candidate for promotion, but that’s not happening any more. Or you are eligible, but you don’t feel confident about applying. Can you do it?

Are you stuck in your job and perhaps afraid of burning out? Or do you want to go higher but feel insecure? You keep comparing yourself to others. And you want to yourself, but somehow you don’t seem able to. Is it time for personal and professional growth? Do you want to deal with old pain and lack of confidence? With therapy or coaching you will find direction in your life again.

RTT therapist Amsterdam: setting yourself up for growth and success

What if you could make a huge change in a short time? You can quickly regain your confidence and go for that promotion or new job without hesitation. Remember  when you were smiling and  bubbling with energy? I am a coach, hypnotherapist and RTT therapist and together we can ensure that the dark clouds disappear from your life,  you can reach your full potential and feel successful again.

During the session, a lot of emotion came out of me that I had not yet experienced with any other type of therapy. It really took me to the core of my emotions and it did me good to be able to throw this out! RTT mainly brought me peace in myself. ”


Cloud Busting Therapy online or in Amsterdam: coaching and therapy options

Therapy after a burnout: quickly back to success
Setting yourself up for success, fast!

Are you stuck in your work? Do you let negative thoughts hold you back? Does it feel like you haven’t become your old self again after your burnout? With RTT you will experience a powerful transformation very quickly. For more confidence, more energy and more joy in life.

Coaching for ambitious managers
Don’t be afraid to be great

You have a successful career as a manager and you could go  higher. Are you unsure whether you can do it? Do you want more confidence and would you like to become a great people manager? Then choose extra support for this next step in your career.

Make the most of your managers
Success creates success

Are you losing your best people? Is it not going well in your organization? Is there a lot of staff turnover? Or do you want better guidance for the managers who have had a burnout? With individual therapy and coaching they feel confident again, so that your organisation becomes successful again.

Do you want to know which option suits you best?

Then book your free discovery call. We can discuss what you want to achieve and how I am going to help you with that.

Who is behind Cloud Busting Therapy?

Hi, I am Els Bosma, therapist and coach in Amsterdam for ambitious women. I specialize in Rapid Transformational Therapy, a form of therapy that gives great results quickly.

With my background as a successful manager and director, I know exactly what you will encounter in your career. After all, I have experienced what it is like to have a successful career and to face the personal challenges that brings. 

That is why I now work as a coach and therapist. To help successful and ambitious women like you build confidence in themselves so they can take their careers to great heights.

I have found my inner peace, something I had never experienced before.

Roos, from Antwerpen

I felt so much lighter after my session with Els!

Merel, from Amsterdam

I recommend Els and RTT therapy to everyone, Els does not judge. And that made it possible for me to surrender to the therapy without any problems.

Isabel, from Amsterdam

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